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Gaia project in Turkey: “Smart and livable citys”

Turkish-German environmental protection project GAIA puts down roots onto the roofs of Istanbul: The roofs of the city are going to be turned into gardens and every neighbourhood gets its own park.

As a massive agglomeration, Istanbul, and particularly its city centre, lacks places for tree plantings. Due to the impossibility to create space in the streets, GAIA thinks higher up and uses the roofs: Many houses in Istanbul are built with flat roofs or roof gardens but yet unplanted. Hence, in consultation with the local residents, several buildings are going to be changed into mini-parks. In addition, the front can be painted with pleasant mellow pastel colour, while the roof will become the new home for trees, flowers and other plants. Houses situated at busy traffic hubs and also schools will be chosen. Every single district shall get its own profile while all districts will fit together.
Altogether, this project will beautify Istanbul´s cityscape and attract visitors from all over the world. Eventually, Istanbul can take a leading role in environmental protection – without much effort and costs.

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Istanbul Green Roof spot