Each root, each trunk, each branch and each jleef feeds the hope that people in the world may make peace width each other and with nature. Each donor will get a tree bonus and a bill which may be deducted from tax. You may order such a tree bonus width a certificate for yourself or with a special dedication as a gift. The tree bonus is an ideal gift for birth, borthday, wedding and also a valuable gift for your colleagues.

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Aktuelle Baum-Patenschaften:

(Standort in Berlin – Mitte auf der Karl Marx Allee am U-Bhf Schillingstrasse)

Martin Stark
(Standort in Berlin südlichen Bellevueallee)

12203 Berlin

Harald Voigt
Gewinner von Radio Paradiso 20€

Radio Paradiso – Mitschnitt vom 27.06.2012

Pflanzzeit: ab dem 23.10 2012 (zusammen mit dem Grünflächenamt)

Christine Zens, Isa Hellermund, Michael Koepsel, Nina Sophie Brand, Annerose Wagner,
Dieter Bäßler, Andreas Mark Linke-Holmes

jeweils 20€ über Groupon

Jocky Richter
10€ über Groupon

Chiara Marceddu
20€ über Groupon

Rainer Kessler


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