During the summer of 2003 in many part of europe forest fires destroyed huge areas of forests. Only in turkey more than 917 Hectar where destroyed. Ilyas Bublis was in Maramaris (Turkey) and experienced the peoples helplessness trying to extinguish the fire. Not only are these forsests important for tourism in this places, they arealso an important part of the ecologic balance and preserve the earth from erosion. Out of this reason GAIA wants to help to reafforest the lost trees. Ilyas Bublis had the oportunity to meet turkish president Tayip Erdogan during his vistit to berlin in August 2003 and introduce him to the project. He assured him his help in burocratic issues. GAIA plans to bring pupils from german and turkish classes to the affected places. There, under guideance of experts, they shall plant new trees in the burned areas. In Cooprearion with their teachers, they could be informed in their lessons over the role of trees for the ecologic balance. GAIA could organise the whole project and get the tree-seedlings at cheep prizes. All costs for seedlings, flights and accomodation for the pupils etc. would have to be provided by sponsors. For that reason we are in search of Sponsors. Companies that do business in turkey, entrepreneurs with turkisch roots or anyone interested. With this spectacular project, everyone could draw profit from the huge media echo.

With only 1000 Euro, you can plant 1 hectar of trees.