GAIA is an is an environmental protection project, that aims to make people be aware of the important function that trees have for the ecological balance of our nature as well as for their individual well-being. We campaign for the conservation of the poulation of trees in Berlin, as well as in other places where storms, forest fires or varmint plagues have destroyed them. For that reason we finance the plantation of trees and try to motivate people to act for the conservation of other natural habitats. Through the organisation of public planting events with celebrities adopting a tree, we try to get attention by the press. Trough public campaigns, like the appeal to collect the autumn leave litter in Berlin (in order to prevent emergance of a varmint plague), we try to establish a citizien-consciense in cooperation with the appropriate authorities. Environmental protection is a theme, everybody should be concerned about and where everybody could do something at least in a small range. There is no use of only blaming the industry or simply rely on the Government to do something. Enterprises as well as individual citiziens have to realise, that individual commitment will succeed immediately.


What does GAIA mean?

GAIA is the ancient greek name for earth. According to the myth she came from caos at the beginning of creation and as the mother of all gods she became the allegory for giving birth, receiving and taking. As the guarantor for the circle of life she represents the right to live, that is superior to the right of men having nature at his dispose. In ancient cultures it was widley accepted, that earth is a living creature, on which menkind is only a guest. Since the development of science and medicine, people lost this conscience. Today most people see earth as a ressource, a kind of “stock for replacement parts” to fulfill our material needs. Exploitation of soils and plants, pollution and urbanisation led to a situation, wherethe ecological system earth is in heavy danger. Because all creatures exist in the same water and athmosphere, we all belong to a symbiotic union. GAIA, the fine tuned ecologic system of the earth, is nothing else than thois simbiosis seen from space.


Who is GAIA?

GAIA was founded in May 2002 by a small team lead by Ilyas Bublis. Over the years he, like many others, had the feeling that he should do something, when he saw reports about nature catastrophies or forest diebacks. By having founded GAIA he now wants to put into practise that feeling, because life for him is giving as well as receiving. In order to create more commitment for ecology, he now uses his ability to enthuse people.