#gaiamoment – Your wish comes true!


#gaiamoment, emphasises the present moment, i.e. life itself and forms the future with the power of the moment. The most basic relationship with life is with the present moment. We decide now and implement our ideas now. We become aware of the power of life through now. You too have got to know us "now", you have made a decision with the power of the moment to do something for this world, whereby you too have now become a part of the power of the moment.


#gaiamoment, unites all who believe in the power of love and value nature. The aim is to live and produce together under one roof, free of any kind of hierarchy.


Especially at this time when people are looking for traces of life and water on other planets, it is sad to see how thoughtlessly our reserves on our own planet are wasted, especially when you think about how much time and effort it takes to search other planets. We have to wake up and defend ourselves against the exploitation of our earth and for that we must unite. It is not politics or even ideology, but pure love that will unite us humans. We all belong together and are part of a vast universe.


You can support us on social media like Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the #gaiamoment hashtag and make people aware of our efforts.

#gaiamoment – Your wish comes true.








About us?

Gaia is an environmental organisation that has been active in Germany and Turkey for 17 years. Our goal is to make people aware of environmental problems and to spread a healthy environmental awareness among all age groups by emphasizing how harmful our consumption craze actually is for us and our planet earth. Our organisation has already launched numerous projects in this area before.


As we are all more or less aware, our world is being exploited by our greed, which is why there are more and more environmental disasters that we unfortunately forget far too quickly. This is where our organization Gaia comes in, which has set itself the goal of reminding people of their true origin, of nature and Mother Earth.


#gaiamoment -for you or for someone else. Even if you can't plant trees today, everyone needs luck!


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Why are we doing this?

Every two seconds an area the size of a football field is destroyed in the rainforests.


To make people aware of how important the rainforests actually are for mankind, it should be mentioned that half of the earth's oxygen comes from these forests. If this wild and greedy deforestation continues at this rate, the entire rainforest will be completely destroyed within 40 years.


This is exactly what we at Gaia try to make clear to the people. If consumer habits do not change quickly and drastically, and if the growth rate continues at the same rate as today, we will need about three planets like ours by 2050.


So, if we continue with this consumption, where nature has no possibility of regeneration, then our future generations will have serious problems to meet their basic needs.




How Can You Support It?

You can purchase a tree coupon to support our organization and thus our Mother Nature, so that we can plant trees on your behalf which provide us with clean air to breathe, or you can actively participate in our projects.


Thanks to your financial support and your personal commitment, we will be able to unite humanity so that love and environmental awareness can be spread among people again.


The gaiamoment project will create forests of love in various areas of Turkey and Europe. We also plan to open an environmental training centre where young people from all over the world can meet and strengthen international dialogue. In addition, there will be "Music for Nature" events throughout Europe and Turkey, where, in addition to music, there will be productive workshops for all our supporters to participate in. We simply want to make it clear to everyone that every single human is a productive artist.


Remember that every tree will be the base of love and unity. So, you can be part of the trees to be planted by purchasing a tree voucher. You will then receive a certificate and a very rare and therefore valuable four-leaf clover. You will also find a description in the shipment that will help you plant the clover leaf, making you part of our gaiamoment.


#gaiamoment -The moment you think of someone and wish them luck. Or you can plant happiness for yourself and make your own wish.

User's Manual

We would like to thank you for your commitment to nature and for supporting our organisation. That is why we would like to encourage you to participate in the gaiamoment. Right now you have the opportunity to plant and bring to life a four-leaf clover that stands for good luck in all cultures of the world and carries all the goodness of the earth in its roots.


It's very simple. First you have to fill a flower-pot with soil or peat from the crafts market. Then open a hole with your finger in the soil that is 2-3 times the size of the onion and place it in the pot with the tip pointing upwards. Then cover the hole with soil and sprinkle with a little water so that the soil does not get wet but only slightly moist. You will see that the first offspring will appear in about 1-2 weeks.


If you have a special wish or you want to do something for more awareness in the world, then use the moment when you plant the clover and try to understand the value of the moment. Take a deep breath, feel the earth and experience this moment. This will also make you a part of the gaiamoment.


You will exist with us and we will grow up with you. Then cover the root with soil and add a little water. When the first sprouts of the clover appear, you can make a wish and don't forget to make a selfie and share it with a #gaiamoment hashtag on your social media. This way you become part of our collective and you can participate in different activities, just like all the other people who will also share their moment with others.