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Gaia Visual & Audio Healing Meditation

A harmony of audio-visual art and meditation.


GAIA is an environmental movement committed to the preservation of forests. Led by Ilyas Bublis, GAIA brings awareness to the ecological and spiritual importance of the tree population. With the help of other activists, GAIA works to sustain tree growth in areas subject to natural and man-made disasters, and plant the seeds for future green habitats.

The feeling of love is a rich feeling, but the expression of love in word or deed is a joy.

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What Come Together for Mother Earths Gaia Right Now

No Charge.

Only Love.

Letter from Ilyas

It is so far the world's first event of its kind. A trip to India visiting the ashram of Sri Ramansraman on the holy mountain of Arunachala (Shiva), which is the spiritual heart of the world, encouraged me to proceed with this vision.

Entrance is free of charge, but visitors are invited to make a small donation to be used for planting trees for a Green Berlin.

Guiding people through fasting sessions and organizing environmental campaigns (16 years of experience in international environmental campaigns) has taught me how much positive energy may be experienced through heart-healing events.

It is so very important, especially at this point in time, to send a positive sign of love from the capital of Berlin. The more people join, the more powerful this message, a message of love and for Mother Earth. We call upon everybody to take part in this event and, in so doing, demonstrate their willingness to assume responsibility for Mother Gaia.

It is our intention to make everybody in this City of Light aware of the need to love our Mother Earth. In meditation, we seek to connect our heart with Mother Earth and the universe. And to do so now. We are able to influence the Earth from a fountain of love to support future generations in moving away from the constraints of life, their fear of love and peace, and to heal the earth in its very essence through the positive aura of our souls.

Take responsibility! Hand in hand...coming soon.

Love saves all & the time is now.

In eternal love,
Ilyas Bublis