“Around the world, we are witnessing the loss of trees and devastating forest fires. You can now become a tree sponsor, whether it is to celebrate your wedding, the birth of a child or a special birthday. Anyone who appreciates trees is invited to become a “tree sponsor”. Trees are our lungs, and we are starting this project not only here in Germany, but also in Europe, in countries like Turkey, Greece and other regions where trees have been destroyed by fires. Together we can plant meaningful mixed forests and fruit trees.

Membership in Gaia Forest of International Understanding

Are you interested in becoming a member of the Gaia Forest of International Understanding? Find out what makes our project “Trees are cool” stand out and how you can not only make a sustainable financial investment by buying a tree, but also actively contribute to the preservation of our future.

Why is planting trees important?

The preservation and restoration of forests are of vital importance. Not only are trees an essential part of our ecosystem, but they also help reduce climate change by absorbing CO2 and producing oxygen. Your support as a tree sponsor makes it possible to protect and restore these vital resources.

Your investment in the Gaia Forest of International Understanding
At Gaia, we offer you the opportunity to invest your money wisely and sustainably. Our goal is to create forests that will be preserved for future generations. As a member of Gaia Walde der Völkerverständigung you become a tree sponsor of mixed forests and fruit trees in Germany as well as cultivated areas. Your contribution provides ecological, social and economic benefits by supporting trees.

Long-term sustainability

We focus on long-term commitment and the restoration of fallow areas for fruit trees in the Harz region and other affected areas. Every day our forests thrive, they contribute to restoring the ecological balance of our planet.
Our environmental organisation has been in existence for 22 years.

Trees are our future

Trees are not only cool, they are our future. Your investment in the Gaia Forest of International Understanding is an investment in the Earth itself. Support us in making a positive impact on our environment and climate together in Germany and beyond.
—-Let’s plant trees together and make our world greener again.Participants are called upon to sponsor trees to be planted on fallow land, by planting fruit trees.
participants are called upon to sponsor trees in order to create flourishing forests of international understanding,
to create flourishing forests of international understanding. Also the setting up
hives and the creation of permaculture gardens is also planned,
which will ensure pollination and promote biodiversity.
biodiversity. Education centres will be set up in the immediate vicinity of the plantations.
centres will be built in the immediate vicinity of the plantations to impart knowledge
permaculture. Thematic workshops and training courses will give
and interested citizens the opportunity to build a closer relationship with nature and to
nature and to benefit from the yields of planted trees.
from trees planted. Another long-term goal is to establish education centres in some of the
of the new education centres that are being built. These
young people from different countries the opportunity to take part in
countries to participate in student exchange programmes. This will create a worldwide platform where organic gardens,
international understanding and intercultural exchange.
Harmony between people and nature can only be restored if we succeed in
harmony between people and nature can only be restored if people can be educated to treat
to raise awareness of all facets of the environment and inspire them to do so,
ecological principles, such as not using dangerous pesticides.
pesticides. In this way, the project can serve as a model for a real agricultural turnaround.
environmental protection :
Tree sponsorships contribute to the protection and preservation of forests and trees, which fulfil vital functions in the ecosystem. Trees are crucial for air quality as they absorb CO2 and produce oxygen.

Climate change mitigation : Trees are important players in the fight against climate change. They store carbon that would otherwise pollute the atmosphere, helping to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

Biodiversity conservation : Forests are habitats for a wide range of plant and animal species. Tree sponsorships can protect these habitats and preserve biodiversity.

Water regulation : Trees play a role in regulating the water balance by absorbing and evaporating water. This helps prevent flooding and contributes to the stability of riverbanks.
Preservation of fruit trees : Tree sponsorships for fruit trees support the cultivation of healthy, regional food. Fruit trees contribute to self-sufficiency and the promotion of sustainable agriculture.

Sustainable timber management : Timber resources are used sustainably in forests. Tree sponsorships help to promote this practice while keeping forests intact.

Community participation : Tree sponsorships bring people together to promote conservation projects. This fosters a sense of community and environmental awareness.

Education and awareness : Tree sponsorship programmes often provide educational opportunities to teach people about the importance of trees and forests. This helps to promote environmental awareness.

Recreation and leisure : Conserved forests provide places for recreation and leisure activities such as walking, cycling and picnicking that promote community well-being.

Long-term sustainability : Tree sponsorships are a long-term investment in the environment and future generations. They help preserve the beauty and vitality of forests and fruit trees for future generations.
By adopting a tree, integrations and communities can actively contribute to protecting the environment and promoting the positive impact on nature and the climate.
Join in and plant a tree.

Afforestation offers several benefits for the economy:

Timber industry: afforestation creates long-term timber resources, which are of great importance for the timber industry. This promotes the sustainable use of wood and helps to create jobs in the forestry and wood processing industries.

Climate protection: Afforestation can make an important contribution to climate protection by sequestering carbon from the atmosphere. This can help slow climate change and reduce long-term economic damage from extreme weather events.

Protection against natural disasters: Forests can help prevent flooding, landslides and soil erosion, which in turn protects agricultural production and infrastructure.

Tourism and recreation: Forests provide opportunities for tourism and outdoor recreation, which can generate income for local communities.

Biodiversity: Restoring forests increases biodiversity and can ensure the long-term availability of natural products such as medicines or food.
Water quality: Forests play an important role in maintaining water quality by filtering groundwater and purifying water bodies.

Overall, afforestation measures can provide both economic and ecological benefits in the long term, which have a positive impact on the economy