Gaia United plants 100 trees in Berlin and İstanbul
On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic

Ladies and Gentlemen dear friends of trees, Berlin 30.09.2023.
It is a great honour for me to address you to make a special request. My name is Ilyas Bublis and founder of Gaia, an environmental organisation that has been working on environmental issues for 22 years.

I represent Gaia United GmbH, an organisation that promotes ideas and perceptions to create positive change between Germany and Turkey.

On the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic, I visited the Turkish Ambassador on 28.09.2023 and presented the project to plant 100 trees in both Berlin and Istanbul. He has agreed to participate in the planting of 100 trees in Berlin and will be personally present at the ground-breaking ceremony. Under the patronage of H.E. the Ambassador of the Republic of Turkey, we plan to plant 100 trees in Berlin as well as in Istanbul.

It would be an extraordinary honour for us if you, as tree sponsors for international understanding and peace, could support this initiative in Berlin and Istanbul in person or with a donation as a tree sponsor. We believe that your presence will not only have a positive impact on our environment, but will also help to deepen and strengthen the German-Turkish friendship. With a symbolic ground-breaking ceremony, you could set an example and support our joint initiative for peace and international understanding at Tempelhof Airport and Atatürk Airport in Istanbul.
Our initiative strives to productively combine environmental protection, interpersonal understanding and international cooperation.

The event requires broad participation from schools, individuals and businesses to have a strong and lasting impact on the future of our society. It provides a platform to initiate positive change and raise awareness of global challenges. I firmly believe that “The Miracle of Berlin and Istanbul” can make an extremely valuable contribution to addressing these challenges. Your personal participation and support would send a strong signal to the population that protecting the environment and promoting peace and international understanding are of utmost importance.

In Berlin, we are planning to plant 100 walnut trees or sweet chestnuts, which will not only contribute to the beautification of our city, but also provide a valuable opportunity for school children to actively engage in environmental protection.

We firmly believe that this initiative is a significant gesture of cooperation and environmental protection. It would make the roots of our German-Turkish friendship strike even deeper on the occasion of the 100th anniversary of the Turkish Republic in Berlin and Istanbul. Date and venue to be announced

The action will take place with the support of the respective Green Bottle Office. Be part of it!

We would be very happy if you could consider our request and are at your disposal for further information and personal discussion.

Yours sincerely,
GAIA United Republic Under gGmbH
Ilyas Bublis