The manifesto of insect death

Gaia – Trees are cool emphasises the urgent importance of protecting insects for ecosystems and humanity. Without insects, especially bees, we would not only have to do without honey, but also lose many fruits and vegetables, as 80 percent of our crops and wild plants are pollinated by insects. The disappearance of insects could trigger an ecological catastrophe that would also have fatal consequences for humanity.

Scientific studies show alarming declines in wild bees and other insects, with many species on the “Red List” classified as endangered or already extinct. This development has far-reaching consequences for biodiversity and the ecosystem.

Insects are crucial to ecosystems and account for about 80 per cent of all animal life. They play an important role as pollinators of flowering plants and are invaluable to humans.

A long-term study from Germany shows that the biomass of flying insects in nature reserves declined by an average of 76 percent between 1989 and 2016. This underlines the urgency of protecting the insect world and preserving natural biodiversity.