Since 2000, the environmental organisation Gaia. Trees are cool. It campaigns for the greening of big cities.
Also in Berlin. Among others, it is involved in numerous campaigns
Former Bundestag President Wolfgang Thierse (MdB), Governing Mayor Klaus Wowereit (MdL),
Dorothee Dubrau was accompanied by ambassadors and delegates from more than 23 countries.
23 countries, such as the Schiller Park in Berlin-Wedding in 2005 and the Schiller Park in Berlin-Wedding in 2008. Many streets in Berlin were greened with the participation of school children and young people.
The project “Migrant Children Put Down Roots in Berlin” started in 2007 with the participation of migrant children in Berlin.
The perfect combination of ecology and migration: Under the patronage of Senator for Education
Dr. Jürgen E. Zöllner, more than 200 pupils from the Erika Mann Primary School, Senator for Health and Social Affairs
Senator for Health and Social Affairs Dr. Knake-Werner, the Turkish Consul General Ahmet Alpman , Claudia
Roth MdB and Ingrid Müller from the Federal Ministry for the Environment sent a positive signal for integration and
environmental protection and the planting of young street trees.
In 2011, the Gaia. Straße des 17 succeeded in greening the Brandenburg Gate.
Under the patronage of Federal Environment Minister Norbert Rötgen, Brandenburg’s
Berlin’s microspheres – they will be a visible sign of the founding of a successful enterprise
Berlin is based on cultural diversity, mutual acceptance and responsible coexistence.
Ilyas Bublis, founder of GAIA, was honoured for his many years of social commitment with the Badge of Honour of the City of Berlin.
It was awarded by Senator Mario Czaja.
In 2004, Gaia received the Environmental Promotion Award of the DBU (Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt).
Gaia’s trademark is the Gaia Fairy. This ambassador is known through television and cinema spots for
Especially the media sponsors MTV, Arte, TV-Terranova, TRT and the sponsorship by Cinemaxx.
Cinemaxx, throughout Europe. For more information please visit
Website .
Everyone can give their heart and love to their city through a tree sponsorship. We want to set an example
We want to set an example to protect our “green lungs” and improve the quality of life in all regions. World Cities
As part of our environmental concert MUSIC FOR NATURE, we and our ambassadors from 33 countries and around 700 students have planted 50 linden trees under the name of
Global Understanding Forest, these trees will not only improve the environment in the future Environmental organisation Gaia will draw attention to the urgent need for education and action.
but also to the need for action. Through a colourful music and stage programme, our aim is to convey to guests that every individual can make a big contribution.
contribution to the protection of our green habitats. 2nd Environmental Concert “FOR MUSIC DOĞA” Marmaris / Turkey 7.10.2008 Marina 33 trees are planted on this day at 10.30 am and about and about 600 students from the region and the governor of Muğla participated in the planting of the little trees. Besides the music shows, trees were also planted and many politicians and press representatives attended this event. You can see the impressions of this event here: http://flickr.eom/photos/31628205@N02/show
For the greening of the roofs on the occasion of the Capital of Culture Istanbul 2010 & Partner City Berlin, a concept was created by GAIA. Due to the rapid development of our cities, our surroundings are largely covered with concrete and asphalt. The green spaces that should be present in the city had to give way to concrete structures that could not withstand the high pressure of housing and workplaces. Air pollution has become the main problem in many cities. Since 2000, we have been working in Istanbul and Berlin, both megacities, to ensure that people and nature can develop permanently and harmoniously in the urban environment. The GAIA Green Istanbul Project is an officially awarded project of the United Nations Organisation for Biological Diversity of the World Decade 2012.
GAIA was awarded the Environmental Promotion Prize by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) in February 2004. On 3 December 2012, Ġlyas Bubli was awarded Project of
the United Nations Organisation for Biological Diversity of the World Decade 2012.
GAIA was awarded the Environment – Promotion Prize by the Deutsche Bundesstiftung Umwelt (DBU) in February 2004. On 3 December 2012, Ġlyas Bublis, founder of GAIA, was awarded the Medal of Honour by the Senator of the City of Berlin. We are currently working on our most important project to date:
Click here for the 3D GREEN Istanbul project animation film we have prepared:
Ilyas Bublis
Gaia. Bäume sind cool.
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